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About the client

Our client, A Great Place To Sit, is a trailblazer in the entertainment industry's ticket management sector. They provide ticket inventory management software, enabling dealers and agencies to oversee ticket stocks across various marketplaces. From its inception, A Great Place To Sit has enjoyed massive success, with the founders steering the company towards seven-figure revenues during its first year of business. 


Business challenge

The founders of A Great Place To Sit had spent many years handling ticket distributions for big industry leaders. They decided to create an automatic system to help manage ticket stocks across various ticket-selling platforms. To do this, they needed to find a software development partner. This partner needed to be able to work with them from the beginning of the idea all the way until it was completely built and running. They needed to be experts in understanding businesses, designing things, developing software, and capable of managing the software once it was up and running. 



From the very beginning of our partnership, Codemasters International engaged with the founders of A Great Place to Sit in comprehensive discovery workshops. We meticulously listened, gathered necessary requirements and constructed a thoughtful technical spec along with a high-level project plan for the initial product. By effectively navigating key technology risks, our adept team was able to deliver the foundational product on time and within budget. Following this successful delivery, we set up a dedicated team of exceptional software developers and production engineers to cater to A Great Place to Sit's ongoing product development needs. Our commitment to offering the best services ensures that A Great Place to Sit will continue to thrive in years to come, making Codemasters International its top-tier software partner for years to come. 


Value delivered

Leveraging our extensive expertise in product management, Codemasters International didn't just develop the initial concept from A Great Place To Sit—we enhanced it. Our implementation of the software product surpassed the client's expectations. We accelerated the development process, significantly cutting the time-to-market, which was instrumental in transforming the company into a market leader. Moreover, we furnished A Great Place To Sit with a cost-effective, proficient, and scalable team for software development, tailored to their evolving business needs. This strategic advantage demonstrates why Codemasters International is the unrivaled choice for software solutions. 


Expertise utilized

🟠    Requirements Gathering

🟠    UI/UX Design

🟠    Project Planning

🟠    Software Engineering

🟠    Web Software Development

🟠    Cloud Services

🟠    Quality Assurance

🟠    Application Maintenance

Client testimonial

"CodeMasters International is absolutely one of the best technology/development companies I have ever worked with. Their product management is second to none. Ticketing is a very niche and complicated business to understand. 


CodeMasters from day one focused on the business and purpose of the tools to best scope, build, and deploy the best product possible. The level of detail, commitment, and exceptional service is very refreshing. I would recommend CodeMasters to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

Client Photo

Paul Martens



A Great Place To Sit