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About the client

Segpay, our client, is a Payments Platform specializing in online credit card processing for e-commerce merchants and subscription-based content providers who intend to operate globally. As a trusted partner, Segpay guides its merchants All the Way to Paid ™ while also getting its merchants paid first.


Business challenge

In order to achieve its business objectives our client had to stabilize the product and accelerate the development of the new features. Each software update delivered by the developer team caused complaints from the customers as they expected no service interruptions. The in-house development team was struggling and burning out with many engineers working more hours than normal. The pace of development was slow and the stress caused by the product instability propagated to all levels of the company. 



Upon the start of the engagement the Codemasters International conducted an audit of software architecture as well as the software development processes and practices. We have recommended CI/CD as well as helped to design a robust production delivery procedure. The client decided to augment its technical staff with Codemasters International in order to accelerate the development of the new functionality. Our engineers quickly became productive and helped Segpay to deliver major functionality upgrades including integration with Paypal, Cryptocurrency and more.


Value delivered

At Codemasters International, we've taken Segpay's software development processes to new heights, streamlining practices and alleviating stress across the organization. Our efforts have not only enhanced the quality of software but have also empowered the sales team to surpass their targets with confidence. By bolstering the software engineering team, we've facilitated the integration of substantial new functionalities into Segpay's product offerings. This augmentation has been pivotal in shrinking the time-to-market for development cycles, positioning Segpay as a frontrunner in the market. Our collaboration has delivered tangible value, driving progress and setting new benchmarks for success in the financial software development sector.


Expertise utilized

🟠    Software Engineering

🟠    Web Software Development

🟠    Cloud Services

🟠    Quality Assurance

🟠    Application Maintenance

Client testimonial

"I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the great performance of the recently added dev/qa team. It’s been eye shocking how this group came up to speed in such a quick manner, helping us to achieve the Crypto project in record time. The group ramped up in just 1 month and were producing results right after. Of course, part of such success has been the dedication of our current team who trained them and ensured they were successful in this new environment.

The new developers/QA have been providing a lot of help to our senior engineers, accomplishing a stunning amount of work per sprint (went from 70 story points on average to 150). This has enabled the opportunity to deliver the crypto project in just 3 sprints while keeping other high priority/time sensitive projects alive and functioning. Also, it is a great opportunity to achieve great things in the upcoming year by providing the necessary support to our product team to deliver high quality business requirements.


The amount of help is greatly appreciated not only by us (dev/qa) but by the other departments as we all row in the same direction of success. Can’t wait to see what we will accomplish next year."


Client Photo

Gustavo Rodriguez

Software Engineering, Director