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About the client

Our client,, is a software development company focused on creating innovative solutions to enhance hospital facility management and facilitate compliance with regulatory standards, including the TJC audit. As a technology startup, aims to streamline hospital operations by transitioning from paper-based workflows to user-friendly electronic processes. Drawing on their extensive industry experience, the founders of Healthclicks provide a comprehensive solution that integrates best practices to assist hospitals in passing audits, mitigating risks, preventing disease spread, and improving operational efficiency to optimize time, money, and resources.


Business challenge

Healthclicks, a healthcare-oriented technology startup was founded by entrepreneurs with limited software development expertise. They initially outsourced product development to a team in Romania. However, slow progress and subpar quality led to the founders knowing they needed to upgrade their technology partner. Healthclick’s leadership was seeking a way to position their product as the leader in the industry. This led them to search for a new technology partner with innovative capabilities who could catapult them into an industry leader position.



Codemasters International formed a partnership with Healthclicks, taking control of their trailblazing healthcare software project. After meticulous evaluation and risk assessment, Codemasters chose to adopt a contemporary suite of technologies and undertake a comprehensive product overhaul in line with the premier standards for enterprise SaaS application development.


The journey began with a detailed inspection of the existing code and documents to ascertain the project's present condition. This was followed by an in-depth collaboration with Healthclicks to define the specifications, hone the development trajectory, and institute an agile workflow, ensuring efficient teamwork and swift progress.


Codemasters International allocated a team of adept software developers, UI/UX artisans, and QA experts to this endeavor. The system was re-envisioned from scratch, employing a state-of-the-art, scalable tech stack, tailored for a high-performing, secure, and sustainable SaaS platform. The user interface was crafted using Angular, renowned for its capability to handle sophisticated single-page applications. The server side was engineered with PHP and Laravel, offering a sturdy, expandable, and enduring base. MongoDB was the chosen database, prized for its versatility and high performance. The entire architecture was designed for cloud compatibility and was implemented on Microsoft Azure, capitalizing on its extensive and scalable infrastructure.


Additionally, Codemasters International's acumen enabled Healthclicks to deploy advanced technologies, significantly refining the product. They automated select operations utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs), thus boosting the system's smartness and productivity. A Data Lake was also integrated to centralize data within the system, facilitating potent analytics and strategic decision-making based on data.


Every new feature was thoughtfully conceived, executed, and scrutinized to align with Healthclicks' exacting standards for user experience and operational efficacy. During this partnership, our team consistently showcased prototypes, gathered input, and made swift modifications to ensure the product surpassed the anticipated standards. The synergy between Healthclicks and Codemasters was founded on transparent dialogue, mutual confidence, and a joint resolve to craft a product of exceptional quality and impact.

By harnessing a modern technological framework and adhering to the industry's best practices, Codemasters delivered a robust, high-caliber SaaS solution. This put Healthclicks in a position to achieve long-term success in the competitive healthcare software market.


Value delivered
Codemasters International used its extensive expertise in product management to elevate and refine Healthclicks' original software concept. This meticulous enhancement process was aimed at ensuring the product's alignment with the specific demands of the healthcare industry. The revamped software emerged as a pivotal tool for automating compliance-related tasks and transforming hospital maintenance and compliance operations into a digital format. This innovation offered Healthclicks' clientele substantial benefits, streamlining their workflows and bolstering their operational efficiency.


In the realm of software implementation, Codemasters International's commitment to utilizing a contemporary technology stack and adhering to the highest industry standards was evident. Their efforts culminated in the creation of a superior, scalable, and easily maintainable SaaS application that not only met but surpassed Healthclicks' expectations. The product's robust architecture and intuitive design ensured its adaptability to the dynamic needs of the healthcare sector.


Beyond the development phase, Codemasters International assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Healthclicks. In this capacity, they provided continuous strategic consultation on a variety of technological matters, guiding Healthclicks through the rapidly changing tech landscape. This advisory role was instrumental in keeping Healthclicks at the cutting edge of technology, enabling them to make well-informed decisions that would bolster their long-term market presence. The synergy between the two companies facilitated an expedited product launch, significantly reducing the time-to-market. Consequently, Healthclicks not only attracted their initial customer base but also caught the attention of new investors, marking a successful market entry.


Codemasters International's provision of a cost-effective, proficient, and scalable software development team was a game-changer for Healthclicks. It allowed them to develop a sophisticated product without compromising on budgetary constraints. The triumphant delivery of this product was a cornerstone in Healthclicks' growth narrative, securing a solid customer base, drawing in investors, and propelling them forward in the competitive healthcare software marketplace.

Expertise utilized

🟠    Requirements Gathering

🟠    UI/UX Design

🟠    Project Planning

🟠    Software Engineering

🟠    Web Software Development

🟠    Cloud Services

🟠    Quality Assurance

🟠    Application Maintenance

Client testimonial

"CodeMasters International is the best kept secret in the market. They deliver the best design, development processes on budget, on time in my 10+ year development experience. 


They keep to their word. Innovate with you. Take the risk of openly disagreeing with you and why? I would say that we already saved millions of dollars of design and development time. 


But even more importantly, they are helping us build a platform that could be worth 10X to 100X to our stakeholders."

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Gary Spirer