Success story - Retail | Team extension 

About the client

Our client is a renowned advertising agency. They specialize in retail advertising, excelling in boosting sales for major companies in various industries including consumer goods, food networks, automotive, and office supplies. They have a team of highly skilled professionals who have established a comprehensive set of efficient processes and best practices. This well-crafted approach has consistently promoted business growth for decades. With this extraordinary system in place, our client has succeeded in driving their customers towards new horizons in sales and visibility.


Business challenge

Despite possessing competitive advantages in retail advertising, our client actively searched for cost reduction strategies for their multi-billion dollar business through software automation. This drive necessitated the formation of an exceptional external team to complement and augment the agency’s in-house developers and engineers. Codemasters filled these knowledge and capability gaps with an exceptionally talented team that was required to address these manpower issues.



With Codemasters International's assistance, the client was able to secure professionals with the right expertise, tailored to their specific needs and accelerate time-to-market. This integrated team, with members from both our client's internal workforce and developers from Codemasters International, operates transparently under our client's directive. Working cohesively and collaboratively under our client's guidance, the combined team now delivers consistently excellent results in a timely and cost effective manner.


Value delivered

By extending our client's team with high-caliber software professionals, Codemasters International has been instrumental in reducing the time-to-market for both their internal and client-specific software projects. This has not only streamlined the development process but also fortified the client's ability to secure and retain large customers. The collaboration has yielded a dual benefit: accelerating project delivery and expanding the client's market presence, thereby reinforcing their stature in the competitive landscape of retail advertising.


Expertise utilized

🟠    Requirement Gathering

🟠    Project Planning

🟠    Software Engineering

🟠    Web Software Development

🟠    Cloud Services

🟠    Quality Assurance

🟠    Application Maintenance

Client testimonial

"Codemasters International has been a trusted partner for over 15 years, delivering consistent high-quality work in a cost-effective and timely manner. Their employees are truly valued by our software development team and have become a natural extension of our in-house staff."


Phil B.


Executive Position Confidential


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