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Why Codemasters International?

Our process has been optimized to ensure client satisfaction and keeping projects within budgets and client timelines.

See How We Work


1.  Introduction

We meet and learn about your business, then set goals and requirements.


2.  Analysis

We learn about your industry & competitors to make the best possible solution.

Design & Estimation

3.  Design & Estimation

The client explains the business module and presents the requirements.


4.  Prototyping

We present a prototype to mitigate the risky areas in the project.



5.  Development

Our engineers design the software solution according to the design specifications


6.  Testing

The client performs user acceptance testing.



7.  Release

We upload the deployment units into the production environment.



8.  Support

We monitor the application performance in the production environment.

Codemasters International Expertise

🟠    Codemasters International has abundant years of experience working with companies in need of various software development needs. What can you expect from our expertise? 

🟠    You get the experience of developing customized, fully integrated systems for leading companies in the industry

🟠    We’re flexible and prompt to respond to any changes you want!

🟠    We’re dedicated to meet deadlines

🟠    You’ll receive a reduction of development costs by more than 50%

🟠    Plus, we’re a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner


Get All the Benefits of Outsourcing to Codemasters International

In a fast-paced market, it is essential to deliver software solutions quickly and to be flexible to the changing market demands. Codemasters International can service your business in a variety of ways.


🟠    Project-based

In our project-based approach, Codemasters International will estimate your defined scope of work and technical specifications to determine a fixed price and timeframe to complete the scoped project.

🟠    Client-focused

Codemasters International works closely with clients to personalize their project every step of the way. You can trust that your feedback, input, and project needs are heard and implemented throughout the development process. 

🟠    Project Maintenance

Any changes and improvements that need to be made to your project can be done even after the development process. Codemasters International can keep an eye on projects when they need updated or implemented with new integrations.